Mathematicians test and develop equations and theories, while also conducting research. Mathematicians apply mathematical theories and techniques to solve practical problems in business, engineering, the sciences, or other fields. They use visual-spatial intelligence in their specific fields like geometry, that primarily focuses on the degrees of shapes.


Painters turn blank canvases into beautiful masterpieces. Their artwork conveys a message or story. Artists help people view the world from a different or novel perspective.Painters use visual-spatial intelligence in their artwork, as they need to be intentional with the spacing of their shapes and strokes.


Photographers visualize the world around them and capture it on film. They record events and tell stories using their images. Photographers take pictures of people, places, events, and objects. In this role, they rely on visual-spatial intelligence to ensure that their pictures capture a story and that the focus of their picture is not hidden.


The job of a lyricist is to write the lyrics to songs using their musical knowledge of cadence, and flow whether they hear the actual music or not. They use inspiration from the world to really write in a creative way. The work of lyricists in musical projects is super important and the most memorable. …

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Sound Effects Editor

A sound effects artist can work with both other musicians, in video games and in theatrical experiences (tv and live theatre). The amount of artistic projects that were made without sound effects is very small because they help to create an environment. Their job is to work very closely to the other professionals involved and …

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Disc Jockey

Being a Disk Jockey or a DJ seems easy enough. From the outside perspective it may seem as though all DJ’s need to do is have good taste in music but to be a DJ you have to have a unique knowledge of music and the skill of transitioning them seamlessly. You have to know …

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BioAcousticians are scientists who study the science of music. They study the organs used to sing, and how animals react to certain sounds. They have to know the mechanics of making sound and the effects it has on the listener. The science that comes from these scientists help singers to know the mechanics of singing, …

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They spend their time studying, planting, and maintaining trees. They have to use their knowledge of trees to diagnose problems, do tree inspections, and fix these things. They are also known as tree doctors and/or tree surgeons. 

Animal Trainer

An animal trainer’s job can be anywhere between working with a circus and training domesticated animals to obey certain commands. The things that stay consistent is that they are spending the majority of their time working with animals and communicating with them. They have to learn how to make the animals understand and want to …

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A zoologist has to have a naturalistic intelligence because they have to love animals to spend time caring for them often. They have to know how to create a good environment for each animal, how to approach them in non-threatening ways (because human instincts do not translate well with every species), what to feed which …

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