The Impact Badge Referral for Good (RFG) Program

Who Are We?

Impact Badge is powered by the Change for Good to combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV) against Women and all Marginalized groups on College Campuses across the U.S.

What is the Impact Badge Referral for Good (RFG) Program?

The RFG program is how we share with the individuals who promote our StopGBV Program. All that a RFG member has to do is place a text link or an image banner on a site, social media or an email and when someone clicks through and makes a donation, you receive a commission. We provide free tracking tools, notifications of commissions, coupons and more for our RFG members.


Our commission rate is 50% with a cookie duration of 60 days, which means that you receive a commission on any donation that is made within those 60 days from the person you referred, even if the person goes directly to our site. The cookie will still track the person and credit you the donation commission. You can also use special-issued coupons to track your referred donations, which will last as long as the coupon is still active and not expired (which depends on the coupon promotion).


Our RFG program uses a third-party tracking program so that RFG members can track referrals, earnings, commissions, campaigns and payouts, and have access to banners, coupons and text links.

Why Promote the Impact Badge Referral for Good (RFG) Program?

  1. The best referral commission rates at 50% (compared to most other referral rates that are only 2-5%).
  2. We offer Certificates across many interests within GBV and many price levels, so you can customize your offers to your audience.
  3. Impact Badge is powered by Change for Good to Educate, Empower and Elevate yourself and others to StopGBV; and all Certificate sales are tax-deductible donations that go to supporting the cause to combat Gender-based Violence.

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