How It Works


Complete the required course(s) for each Certificate.

The number of courses will depend on the Certificate.


Pass the quiz for the course(s) provided for your Certificate.

You can retake each quiz as many times as you want.


Earn your Certicate and Digital Badge.

All Certificates come with a verifiable Digital Badge. 

Verified vs Certified

Digital Badges

All Certificates have an accompanying Digital Badge. Digital Badges are verifiable and portable Open Badges that are embedded with specific information about the Certificate that you earned.

You can share and embed your Digital Badge to Verify your Certificate on LinkedIn to signify to your community, network and potential or current employer your accomplishment to earn your Certificate.


Earning the optional “Certified” Gold checkmark confirms your completion of the required number of Pro Bono Volunteer Hours for your Certificate.

The “Certified” designation shows your community, network and potential or current employer your professional commitent and dedication to the cause. The “Certified” option is available with Signature and Premium Certificates.

Benefits of Certified Gold

Learners who earn Certified Hours also have the additional benefit of joining a growing national community of certified advocates which will serve as a powerful network of mutual support and opportunity.
Being part of this community gives you increased recognition and exclusive access to networking events and opportunities with a community of like-minded individuals, and educational programming on GBV-related topics including informational webinars and roundtable discussions. Additional benefits upon completion of Certified Hours include a personalized letter of recommendation, Certified member discounts on Certificates and Digital Badges, and making a bigger impact to StopGBV.

*Certified Hours must be fulfilled on an annual basis in order to remain Certified.

Available Certified Tracks

Certified Mentor Track

Earn Certified Hours with the Mentor Track by helping to "Educate, Empower and Elevate" High School students as a Certified Mentor.

Certified Campaigner Track

Earn Certified Hours with the Campaigner Track by helping to spread awareness in the community with surveys, petitions, rallies, and more.

**For Recertification each year, you must complete the required Recertification Training and Pro Bono Volunteer Hours, and pay a nominal renewal fee in order to retain exclusive access and membership in the Certified Network.