StopGBV Advocate Certificate

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Students who complete this course series will earn a “StopGBV Advocate” Professional Certificate and demonstrate a commitment to professional development, leadership and student activism—and stand out in job applications for careers focused on Social Impact and Advocacy. This course series is an excellent resource for students who wish to learn more about how GBV affects members of the LGBTQ+ community and about laws and policies aimed at protecting LGBTQ+ people, for students that are interested in exploring a globally focused career in immigration policy and public service, and for students who are interested in jump starting their career in public policy, governance and journalism.  This course series is also an excellent resource for  students who want to understand more about their individual strengths and how to leverage them to make the biggest impact with their careers to StopGBV and for students interested in getting involved in student activism and bringing change that they want to see in the world.

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Earning this online Certificate that is verifiable on LinkedIn with a Digital Badge shows current and potential employers that you have an interest and proficiency in this topic and are a competitive candidate when applying for positions in career fields focused on Social Impact and Advocacy. Still, this course series and Certificate are for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee of employment.

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