Gender-based Microaggressions Certificate

📚 Microaggressions Certificate Overview

The Microagressions Certificate includes the two course series on Gender-based Microaggressions, and Microaggressions in Education and the Workplace. Microaggressions are subtle but harmful forms of discrimination that are often experienced in education and the workplace. Students who complete this course series will become a positive force to reduce microaggressions be agents of change in building a better world.

This course series is an excellent resource for any learner who wants to learn how to reduce microaggressions in education and in the workplace. The knowledge gained in this course will prepare learners for a career as a DEI consultant.

🔍What will be covered in each of these courses?

📚 Microaggressions (2 course series)

✅ 1. Gender-based Microaggressions

  • Learn about microaggressions and the different types.
  • Recognize the negative impacts of microaggressions.
  • Understand strategies to respond and how to avoid committing microaggressions.

✅ 2. Microaggressions in Education and the Workplace

  • Explore how gender-based microaggressions manifest in education and the workplace.
  • Understand the concept of intersectionality and how intersecting identities can play a complicating role in sex-based discrimination.
  • Learn strategies that can be helpful in the case you experience a microaggression and want to respond.


In Education & the Workplace
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  • What are Microaggressions?
  • Types & Impacts
  • Responding to Microaggressions
  • Intersectionality
  • In Education & the Workplace

💡Key Benefits to completing the Microaggressions course series

1️⃣  Knowledge building: Individuals can gain increased awareness and knowledge of discrimination issues by earning a Professional Certificate for completing the courses. ✅

2️⃣ Tools to protect yourself and others: Completing the courses can help individuals understand different forms of microaggressions and successful response strategies.  ✅

3️⃣ Ability to create a more equitable workplace: Knowledge of the landscape related to discrimination can be gained through these courses, which could be helpful if individuals ever encounter discrimination in their future careers. ✅

🏆 What will learners earn after completing the Microaggressions course series?

Learners who complete the course series will earn a Professsional Certificate with an accompanying Verifiable Digital Badge that they will be able to share on their LinkedIn profiles.

Students who earn this certificate demonstrate a commitment to professional development and also become empowered to pursue a career in DEI.