DEI Certificate

📚 Gender-Based DEI Course Series

Students will learn about various aspects of gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination and the importance of DEI in creating positive and inclusive environments in this course series.

🙋Who should take this course series?

This course is an excellent resource for learners who want to start their career as a DEI consultant. The knowledge gained in this course will help students become competitive applicants for internships and even full time jobs in DEI after graduation.

🔍 What can students expect to learn in this course series?

1️⃣ Introduction

  • A comprehensive overview of DEI Careers and positions, responsibilities, education and skills required, and career paths to make an impact and drive generational and systemic change.
  • Details on gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination.
  • An in depth look at the negative effects of discrimination and the legal definitions of sexual harassment.
  • Information on important abbreviations and key terms to set you up for success in the remainder of the course series.

2️⃣ Novice

  • Details on the manifestations of gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination in educational institutions and the workplace.
  • Information on the different types of discrimination, including lack of resources, insensitivity, and negative stereotypes.
  • An overview of the serious effects of discrimination on career and leadership development.

3️⃣ Advanced

  • The importance of DEIs in creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments.
  • Information on successful DEI examples that can be revolutionary for groups that face discrimination.
  • An overview of solutions to unsatisfactory or nonexistent DEIs.

4️⃣ Master

  • An overview of federal and state laws that prevent discrimination.
  • Information on mechanisms for filing a complaint.
  • Training on how to report discrimination and what to do in the case of unsatisfactory DEIs.

5️⃣ Capstone/Conclusion

  • Information on microaggressions, a subtle but harmful form of discrimination.
  • An introduction to available resources in the case of sex-based discrimination.
  • Training on the kind of organizations that can provide assistance with finding lawyers.

🏆 What will learners earn after completing the DEI course series?

Learners who complete the course series will earn a Professsional Certificate with an accompanying Verifiable Digital Badge that they will be able to share on their LinkedIn profiles. Learners who earn this Professional Certificate demonstrate a commitment to professional development and also become empowered to pursue a career in the DEI field.

DEI Certificate

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  • Intro - DEI Careers, Terms & Definitions
  • Novice - Discrimination on Campus & the Workplace
  • Advanced - DEI for Females and LGBTQ+
  • Master - Discrimination Laws & Tips for Education & the Workplace
  • Capstone - Review & Resources

💡Key Benefits to completing the DEI Certificate💡

1️⃣ Knowledge building: Individuals can gain increased awareness and knowledge of discrimination issues by earning Professional Certificates and accompanying verifiable Digital Badges for completing the courses. ✅

2️⃣ Tools to protect yourself and others: Completing the courses can help individuals understand successful DEI examples and mechanisms for filing a complaint. ✅

3️⃣ Ability to create a more equitable workplace:  Knowledge of the legal landscape related to discrimination can be gained through these courses, which could be helpful if individuals ever encounter discrimination in their future careers. ✅